Founded in 2008, Alligator Automations is a company that develops end of the line packaging systems. The two founders Mr. Srinivas & Mr. Krunal were avid robotic enthusiasts in their college days. The name Alligator was conceptualized after a series of successful educational robots that they developed at the time.

Alligator Solar, the sister company and the renewable Arm of Alligator Automations goes way beyond the conventional thinking in this field. It provides relevant and economically viable eco-friendly solutions that impact the environment in an extremely positive manner by significantly reducing green-house gas emissions. This is done by providing solar-energy solutions that are pioneering the movement towards a cleaner and happier future. At Aligator, we stand apart from others in the field on the account of being driven by innovation, possessing a superbly skilled young work force that is always ready to accept challenges. We pledge ourselves to the highest standards and to delivering products that are a cut above the others in terms their capability, low cost and reliability.


With climate change becoming an increasing reality, it is essential that we turn to more ecologically and environmentally friendly forms of energy. By using innovative technology, our vision at Alligator is to power a new era in solar energy. We wish to provide people with a viable source of energy that is affordable, reliable and will only help secure a clean and green future.


Our mission at Alligator Solar is to create a more sustainable future for people. We aim to provide professionally managed turnkey solutions in the renewable energy domain using state of the art solar energy facilities. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, we wish to adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

At Alligator Solar, we have a team of dedicated professionals who share a common ideology of providing the best in class of EPC services to our customers. Our highly qualified engineers have strong technical backgrounds and experience in the field of Solar PV technology. It is with this expertise that we aim to have 10MW Solar Installations by 2020.

Why Solar Energy?

By switching to solar power, not only will there be a positive impact on the environment but a host of other benefits to daily life as well. Solar energy in the long run can lead to a drastic decrease in electricity consumption thus reducing expenditure. Solar power is also an extremely reliable technology that is a onetime investment. By investing in solar energy, people will be able to enjoy free electricity for at least 25yrs as well as creating a better, cleaner future for generations to come.

Where Solar Energy can be Used ?

  • Residential.
  • Hospitals.
  • Industrial.
  • Government Buildings.
  • Banks.
  • Petrol Pumps.
  • Drinking & Irrigation.
  • Telecom Towers.
  • Commercial offices, malls, showrooms.

Additional Tax Benefits

Section 32 of Income Tax Act provides Accelerated Depreciation of 80% of the invested capital into Solar PV Projects to professional companies with tax liability. Investors can set off their tax liability on the taxable income to the tune of 80% in the 1st year.

Alligator Automations